How Long Do Rechargeable Batteries Last?

Rechargeable batteries increase convenience and efficiency for a wide range of products across consumer, manufacturing, and industrial use. They can also deliver cost savings by reducing the number of batteries that need to be purchased over a product or system’s lifetime use. With the ability to configure rechargeable batteries to meet project specifications for power density, voltage, and capacity, it’s possible to gain these benefits in nearly every scenario you can think of where battery power is needed.

The Lifespan of Rechargeable Batteries

To some extent, the life span of the battery is dependent on the chemistry of the battery and how it’s stored. Overall, you can expect a rechargeable battery to last up to five years. A NiCad unit may perform differently than a Li-polymer battery. A skilled manufacturer can take into consideration the type of usage expected from a rechargeable battery to design and make the most reliable and efficient model possible.

Will a Rechargeable Battery Ever Need Replacement?

While rechargeable batteries can reverse the chemical reaction that drains them to restore the charge, their capacity to do so isn’t unlimited. Sensors, regulators, and balancers are included to maximize the performance of the battery both in acquiring a charge and holding onto it until power is actively drawn. Over time, the natural wear and tear on the components can increase the time it takes to gain a charge and decrease the time it takes to release it fully.

Keeping Rechargeable Batteries in Top Condition

Storage and handling can play an important role in keeping battery packs working well. For many kinds of batteries, simply keeping them cool and dry is enough to maintain optimal conditions. Specialty batteries, like those that include lithium or nickel components, may need cold storage or refrigeration for best performance. Many batteries don’t need to be discharged fully before storage, and some store best at 60-80% charge. Other safety precautions, like preventing the terminals from contacting each other will also increase battery life.

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