Crimping Capabilities

Rapport Crimping

When creating a wire harness, “crimping” is the process of attaching a crimp terminal or wire connector onto the end of a piece of wire by folding or pinching the two metal pieces (wire and connector) together. Crimp terminals and wire connectors are typically crimped on the end of a wire or cable that has been stripped on one or both ends. Rapport carries a large selection of quality wire terminals, including ring, push-on, spade and splices.

Rapport uses hand held crimpers and automated crimping machines. Automated crimping provides consistent quality, a better held crimp, and is faster when performing large, repetitive jobs. Hand held crimp  tools offer a good hold and are primarily used for small, specialized jobs.

Rapport has a vast line of terminals, terminal head sets and automated machines. Call us today for a quote on your specialized job where crimping is required.

9.5 heads 9.5 crimp tools2

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