How Long Does a Wiring Harness Last?

A wiring harness is a highly reliable component of modern electrical installations, used in everything from cars to public utilities, security systems, and more. And some of the biggest reasons they’re so popular is their longevity. Because of the way they’re designed, wiring harnesses can resist a lot of the wear and tear that might otherwise affect the performance of single wires connected individually.

The Lifespan of a Wire Harness

Wiring harnesses are designed to last for several years, although harsh conditions or unexpected events like accidents, exposure to temperature and weather extremes, and impact can cause them to no longer work as expected. Because the wires used in the assembly are connected as a group at both ends, each wire is provided with greater stability than it would ordinarily have as a single strand. And because the connectors–since they have to accommodate multiple wires–are more robust than the connector for a single wire, they may be less susceptible to damage from handling, vibrations or factors that could be potentially harmful.

When made with care and a strong attention to detail, a well-crafted cable wire harness can last for the life of the installation. Wire harness manufacturing is an art as much as a skill, and knowing when to choose automated crimping over hand crimping, for example, makes a big difference in this component’s overall performance.

Trust A Skilled Wire Harness Manufacturing Provider

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