Colorado Manufacturing Facility

Conveniently located west of Denver, Colorado, Rapport’s manufacturing facility is housed in a 15,500 sq ft building. The two-story building provides Rapport with a lot of flexibility. We are currently utilizing 8500 sq ft of commercial manufacturing space and 3500 sq ft of office space on the main level. We are also utilizing a portion of the 3500 sq ft of available space on the second floor to expand our manufacturing area to support increased customer demand.

As a well-known EMS, we have invested in capital equipment methodically over the last three decades, which has strengthened our company and broadened our manufacturing abilities. These continued improvements provide you with an array of equipment to fulfill your specific manufacturing needs. From small hand tools to large mechanized assembly equipment, Rapport, Inc. has the right tools to meet your electronic enclosure, wire harness, cable assembly, battery pack, custom charger, and bulk battery needs.

Rapport’s vast warehouse of individual components includes batteries and electrical supplies as well as large volume raw materials such as cable, wire and connectors. We also have relationships with suppliers around the globe to purchase the best specialized raw materials and components to complete your custom wire harnesses and cable harnesses, battery chargers, custom battery packs per your specifications, electrical panels, and control electronic enclosures. Rapport’s capabilities include IDC mass termination cable harnesses, RF cable harnesses, power cables, and multi-level discrete cable harnesses. We are also ISO 9001:2015 certified, UL / CSA certified, and RoHS compliant.

As a distributor and contract manufacturer, Rapport can be your manufacturing partner in projects you might have considered impossible. As an established business that has celebrated over three decades of custom manufacturing, and the acquisition of a competitor, Car-Go Battery Company, we have invested in long-term capital equipment purchases to meet the needs of our customers. Following is a small list of the equipment we have available to work on your next project:

  • Artos Cut/Strip CS-6
  • BK Precision 1697
  • Christie ProEase CASP/2500 Tester
  • Cirris Cable Testers (various models)
  • DMC PT-100 Crimp Pull Test Station
  • KM Digitech KM-703N
  • Komax Cut/Strip Model 35
  • Komax Kappa 220 Wire Processing Machine
  • Miyachi Dual Pulse 300ADP/30WS
  • Miyachi Unitek 88f
  • Miyachi Unitek Welder DC25
  • Schleuniger 2015 Bench Wire Stripper
  • Schleuniger JS8300 Multiple Conductor Cable Jacket Stripper
  • Schleuniger OC3950 Tubing and Cable Cutter
  • Tekpower Electronic 3711A
  • Weldotron Shrink Tunnel 7121 and 7112
  • Most common AMP and ETC/Molex applicators

Make an appointment to tour our Colorado manufacturing facility today. Call us at (303) 202-9599.