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Spring in Colorado means it’s time to tune up the golf cart and get ready to spend your afternoons on the golf course in the beautiful days ahead. As resellers of Crown Deep Cycle Batteries, Rapport has stocked up on common golf cart batteries both in 6-volt and 8-volt models, to meet your needs this season. We want to make your weekend job of changing the batteries to fresh battery cells as painless as possible so you can focus on using those batteries to power your golf cart around the links.

Worth the Money

If you’re tempted to avoid purchasing Crown batteries because the initial cost is a little higher than competing brands, you may want to reconsider that decision. Although the upfront cost is a little more than many competing brands, the return on investment of a longer battery life is well worth the higher price.

Quality Rapport, Inc. Supplier

Quality through Automation

Crown batteries have a “royal” manufacturing process. The primary reason that Crown Battery Manufacturing Company products tend to be more expensive is due to their superior quality. Using state of the art technology and modern processes, Crown batteries are made with very little human interaction. This essentially eliminates the possibility of human error affecting batteries, hastens the process of manufacturing, and ensures the consistency of the entire production line. Crown likes to point out the batteries they make aren’t cosmetically the most attractive, but when it comes to batteries, it’s obviously the performance that matters. Crown maintains a current defect rate of .06% or 1 in every 1,800 units built.

Quality through Components

Crown uses more expensive materials than most to manufacture batteries. Rather than using Calcium, as is commonly used, they use Antimony. Antimony is proven to be a better conductor, as it has less resistance. They use the thickest lead plates possible to ensure they are extremely energy dense, allowing for a higher capacity in each battery. The lead undergoes “oven based curing” to result in “Tetrabasic lead sulfate” where other manufactures only achieve “Tribasic lead sulfate”. High grade rubber separators and fiberglass mats and webs ensures a high electrolyte absorption and enhanced cycling capabilities.

Made in the USA

Unlike most of its competitors, Crown doesn’t outsource to other countries, and has maintained a facility in Fremont, Ohio since 1926. This is advantageous for Rapport and our customers for two reasons: 1) If we don’t have a particular item in stock, we can order and receive any battery to meet your specifications fast—generally within 4-5 days; and 2) We are able to arrange drop shipments for larger orders to decrease your shipping costs. Since batteries are so heavy, this can make a huge impact on your total cost of ownership.

Competitive Pricing and Intrinsic Value

As mentioned earlier, Crown does tend to be more expensive than competing brands, but that is for a solid reason. Due to the overall quality and life of the batteries, money will actually be saved in the long term. With proper treatment, there will be no need to replace Crown batteries as often as other brands. In addition, due to our relationship with the supplier, Rapport is able to resell these superior batteries at prices competitive with lesser quality manufacturers of golf cart batteries.

Knowledgeable Staff

Rapport staff is capable of assisting our customers find the perfect battery for any need. Unlike many retail outlets, we can also provide helpful information regarding how to properly maintain golf cart and other types of batteries to promote a long useful battery life.

Call us at (303) 202-9599 or contact us to discuss your battery needs so you can start enjoying the beautiful spring weather in the forecast!


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