Your Partner in Strategic Electronic Manufacturing of Prototypes & Repeat Products

Since 1979, Rapport, Inc. has been providing electronic manufacturing services (EMS). Since 1993, we have focused our manufacturing efforts on providing cable assemblies and wire harnesses built to customer specifications and custom electrical enclosures and box builds, to a world-wide customer base. Our seasoned professionals understand the industry and the importance of the specifications that go into building the right components for the project at hand. Rapport, Inc. is committed to material and design cost savings and we have the expertise to manufacture your custom solutions.

Our electronic manufacturing services (EMS) are managed tightly by using the most efficient and cost-effective processes. We use production methods including Kanban and JIT to help our customers control inventory, production schedules, and support efficiencies. The result is an increase in through-put, a reduction in your costs, and markedly better delivery timelines for the products you have contracted for us to build for you.

Documenting your specifications and manufacturing your products means you’re placing your trust in us for a superior product, so we maintain an exceptional infrastructure. Our facility and product equipment is state-of-the-art and we adhere to a rigorous, but proven set of standards:

  • Efficient assembly processes
  • Documented quality procedures with internal and external audit compliance built in
  • Structured materials management solutions, including Kanban and JIT, scheduled production releases, and safety stock services
  • Adherence to industry standards; ISO 9001:2008 certified, UL / CSA certified, and compliant with RoHS standards
  • Production lines that are ready for both small and large runs

Your Complete Battery Source

EMS is a large portion of our business, but did you know Rapport, Inc. is also your source for batteries, custom battery packs, and battery chargers? We house a vast supply of batteries in stock. We also produce custom battery packs and chargers to your specifications. Whatever your power requirements, we will work with you to determine the best solution for your needs.

Work With Us

We believe establishing rapport with our customers leads to long-term relationships. We want to help you focus on manufacturing your core competencies. Leave the component, battery, and cable assemblies to us! Our mission is to be your business partner, providing contract electronic manufacturing whenever you have a need. With our experience, we can help you to exceed your goals.

Choose a contract electronic manufacturing firm with the expertise and know-how to be your long-term partner. Your project deserves the best, and we’re ready to deliver. Please call us at (303) 202-9599 or contact us for more information.